Toys help children play. And just like magic, when children play, they learn and develop both mentally and physically. Toys have a purpose!

But children with disabilities cannot play with toys off the shelf, which means that they cannot play. And just as important, they can’t interact with other children as equals.

We adapt toys so that all children can play, learn, and grow.    

Child With Adaptable Toy

  • We have free toy libraries. Volunteers help us adapt all kinds of toys, especially toys that make lights, sound, and music: wooden puzzles, books, toys battery operated stuffed toys, motorcycles, fire engines, and cars.
  • We work with high school students with and without disabilities to help them solve real world problems. Kids team to learn with (and from) each other. And as they work, they gain viable skills that help with maturity and future employment.
  • We answer to communities: city leaders, retirees, teachers, parents bring their perspectives to bear. We make it happen where we live.